D&M Crash Repairs uses advanced colour-matching technology to ensure that your vehicle spraying service meets your exact specifications

Vehicle Painting

D&M Crash Repairs provides professional vehicle painting services suitable for all vehicles, using highly-advanced colour-matching machinery to ensure a perfect paint match on your car, truck, or van.
Whether you’re looking to repair some aesthetic damage to your vehicle or simply want to respray your car to increase its resell value and refresh its look, we can help.
Here in our Cork repairs garage, we use the Rapid Match x5 Camera linked to a Max Mayer Paint System to match the exact colour of your vehicle for respraying. As well as ensuring a thorough job, this accuracy ensures that you only have to pay for the parts of the car that need to be painted, with no unsightly lines or streaks being left.
With years of industry experience, we can match the colour of your vehicle exactly for a seamless and professional service guaranteed.

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Offering Full-Service Vehicle Spraying Services

  • Partial Vehicle Spraying

  • Full Vehicle Re-Spraying

  • Scratch Repairs Painting

  • Vintage Car Painting

  • Superficial Paint Repairs

  • Vehicle Refresh Respraying

  • Exact Colour Matching Services

Vintage Car Painting

Is your beloved vintage vehicle in need of a paint touch-up? D&M Crash Repairs are passionate about vintage cars, offering full painting services tailored specifically for older vehicles. We provide exact colour-matching on all paint jobs to ensure your car looks as good as new again, ensuring to protect its original beauty and integrity while improving its overall aesthetic.

Vehicle Painting FAQ

  • How much does it cost to have a car repainted?

    The price of having a car repainted varies depending on the type of paintwork you need done and the type of car you own. Get in touch with D&M Crash Repairs today for a free quote on our vehicle painting services for all cars.

  • What kind of car painting services do you provide?

    D&M Crash Repairs offers a variety of car painting and car spraying services including painting for repairing scratches and superficial damage, car respraying, partial car painting, vintage car painting, and more.

  • How long does it take to have a car resprayed?

    The time it takes to have a vehicle resprayed varies depending on the type of vehicle you own. Get in touch with D&M Crash Repairs today for an estimate on how long it would take to repaint your vehicle.